For centuries, the whispers of history have echoed through the sacred soil of Ayodhya, carrying the saga of the Ram Janmabhoomi and now Ayodhya’s Ram Janmabhoomi journey comes alive online with the all new interactive platform Digital Ram Mandir, but before that let’s take you to a timeline etched in triumphs and tribulations, resilience and unwavering faith, it now culminates in a transformative moment – the 2024 completion of the Ram Mandir.

1528: The Babri Masjid is erected on the disputed site, marking the genesis of a centuries-long dispute.

1853-1857: The first legal case regarding the site is filed, followed by sporadic religious tensions.

1949: Idols of Lord Ram are found inside the Babri Masjid, sparking communal clashes and igniting the Ram Janmabhoomi movement.

1984-1992: The movement gains momentum, leading to the Shilanyas ceremony for a Ram temple in 1984 and escalating tensions culminating in the Babri Masjid demolition in 1992.

1992-2019: A protracted legal battle ensues, interspersed with periods of violence and social unrest.

2019: The Supreme Court finally delivers a landmark verdict, awarding the disputed land to the Ram Janmabhoomi Nyas Trust for the construction of a Ram temple.

2020-2024: The temple construction commences amidst jubilant celebrations.

This historical saga, steeped in devotion and complexities, is now poised for a new chapter. As the Ram Mandir rises, so too does an opportunity for an unprecedented form of engagement – a decentralized, interactive platform where devotees can transcend physical boundaries and connect with the essence of Ayodhya.

Enter Digital Rammandir – a bridge to your spiritual sanctuary

Imagine transcending physical boundaries and immersing yourself in the heart of Ayodhya itself. With digital Ram mandir, you become a pilgrim in a digital world, where your devotion echoes through a global community. Donate and become a brick in the Ram Mandir’s foundation, your contribution etched in faith. Host virtual Aartis, uniting voices in devotional chorus, and immerse yourself in interactive darshan, experiencing the divine presence of Lord Ram through cutting-edge technology. Journey through Ayodhya’s rich history and traditions, each click a pilgrimage, and discover the timeless legacy preserved for future generations. This is not just a platform, it’s a bridge to the divine, a call to connect, contribute, and celebrate the spirit of Ayodhya anew.

The echoes of Ayodhya’s history remind us of the spirit of faith. Now, as the Ram Mandir nears completion, a new era dawns where technology serves as a conduit for devotion, enabling a global darshan and fostering a thriving virtual community. Digital Ram Mandir stands as a testament to this transformation, a beacon of hope and connection in the heart of Ayodhya.

Welcome to a digital spiritual connection. Welcome to Digital Ram Mandir.